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PUBG Mobile New Update Review and Gameplay

I’m going to show the new update features of the PUBG mobile. Here can see the screen is loading and a bit changed also Let’s wait sometime. Here you can see background also totally changed he is standing in the stadium before there was a car and the trees something grass like Backside and now it’s totally changed. Then new feature added is a royal pass here.

You can see here all the daily missions and challenges. You can complete and get the rewards Before and after u can compare it and in the armoury option, you can compare the guns and See the power range firing speed of them by seeing the guns and the Parts. The main feature more ahead is the movements like fortnite here you can see The moments is added in the new update of pubg mobile and the inventory has changed main feature added...


How To Keyboard Not Working in Update PUBG

So this video is about tutorial how to fix keyboard issue that not working after pubg update 07 but keep it in mind that this is a temporary way to fix the keyboard issue. Okay, Let’s get it done! okay first make sure you have close the tencent gaming buddy close by pressing x, then right click here, quit or you can open task manager then search tencent gaming buddy and end task.

After that download config file link in the description after that open the config file copy/extract it to where you install the TGB I’m here in D:/ in TxGameAssistant then UI then copy/extract all this config to this folder replace the files in destination okay this should fix about keyboard issue that not working. Just it! Hope this video helps you.