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Is it Worth to Play PUBG?

So today we are all about player unknown’s battlegrounds. I will Review PUBG Mobile and PC game. This game has gone very popular since its release dated 21 December 2017 it is developed by PUBG corp who was an indie game developer until they made a lot of money through PUBG. It has been put out on many platforms consoles, PC and pubg mobile as well so what is this game about. Its a battle royal game this battle royal genre was made popular i think by PUBG its where we first saw it go mainstream i think and this whole battle royal concept was inspired by the movie hunger games. I think so everyone is crazy about this and its really fast to play, time saving and most of all the game play is really good and it provides a great fun experience while playing with friends especially the design...


How To Keyboard Not Working in Update PUBG

So this video is about tutorial how to fix keyboard issue that not working after pubg update 07 but keep it in mind that this is a temporary way to fix the keyboard issue. Okay, Let’s get it done! okay first make sure you have close the tencent gaming buddy close by pressing x, then right click here, quit or you can open task manager then search tencent gaming buddy and end task.

After that download config file link in the description after that open the config file copy/extract it to where you install the TGB I’m here in D:/ in TxGameAssistant then UI then copy/extract all this config to this folder replace the files in destination okay this should fix about keyboard issue that not working. Just it! Hope this video helps you.