On this video we’re gonna check out Review PUBG on the galaxy note 5.  Let’s go. After playing several games using the smooth graphics and the low frame rate I notice that I can play multiple games there’s no issues with the game Lagging. I’m able to play for a couple of hours the phone doesn’t get really hard like the note 4 used to this is the best settings to have if you’re playing this game because you’re gonna be able to have a longer battery life on it and you’re gonna be able to play for longer periods of time without having the phone start overheating or start lagging.

As a result of that overall they don’t have any issues while I was running around I’m doing multiple things if I had all my teammates around me and I was able to use the microphones listen to them because you’re gonna have a larger screen. It is easier to navigate around be able to present it to setting the different options aim should run around movies you need when you have a smaller phone. This could get pretty complicated especially if you’re not used to it. I have used it without a case and as I already mentioned it doesn’t really get hard but if I use some of the advanced settings I can start feeling the phone get a little bit hot on the back as I change the settings to the balanced graphics card and the medium frame rate. I did notice right away that there’s a little bit of lag at the start of the game. I have also noticed that the phone is starting to get a little bit hot yeah.

I can definitely feel the heat even on the front of the screen The Galaxy Note 5 as I have my term down on the sprint button. I can feel the it just it just feels a little bit hard compared to just playing with the lowest settings so as I’m playing I haven’t really had any lag on it it’s it’s moving around pretty well. I haven’t had issues with it with the phone but as I’m stirring they’re starting to get close to other people like close to my teammates and all the peoples around when there’s more action going on. I can feel the phone it’s starting to lag a little bit it is still doable. I don’t feel like I just it Kim you can’t play completely but definitely it’s not the same experiences as if I was playing with the lowest settings that I showed on the previous sample to have the better experience on the note 5 while playing Peggy.

I feel that I have to  it on the lowest settings just so I don’t feel some of the lag the phone doesn’t get us hot and I feel like I can have a longer battery life time on it one thing that I notice is that I do have about 2 gigabytes of RAM free to play on the game. If your phone gets a little bit like it while playing perky maybe it’s because you have some of the apps running in the background considered checking that out and maybe closing some of the apps or disabling some of the apps if you’re not using them. If you have a note 5 or any other note forms consider subscribing to this channel I’m gonna have a lot more videos coming up in the near future thank you for watching make sure you hit the like button if you enjoy this content and I’ll see you on the next one you

So conlusion is i am playing pubg mobile in galaxy note 5 in little bit lagging with medium and high setting but no problem with low setting.
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