PUBG Mobile New Update Review and Gameplay

I’m going to show the new update features of the PUBG mobile. Here can see the screen is loading and a bit changed also Let’s wait sometime. Here you can see background also totally changed he is standing in the stadium before there was a car and the trees something grass like Backside and now it’s totally changed. Then new feature added is a royal pass here.

You can see here all the daily missions and challenges. You can complete and get the rewards Before and after u can compare it and in the armoury option, you can compare the guns and See the power range firing speed of them by seeing the guns and the Parts. The main feature more ahead is the movements like fortnite here you can see The moments is added in the new update of pubg mobile and the inventory has changed main feature added is the FPP first-person perspective. PUBG mobile has given statement that it is launching the first-person view and it is launched you can get it on Google Play Store or update the older versions and in the arcade mode mini zone features.

All right, it is like same same number of people but less space means game will end quickly. I’ve selected FPP (first person view) and let’s get started to the gameplay pubg mobile. Here you can see The f PP is activated like PC and xbox versions which is awesome, and similar to pc version. Message box has changed and added more messages. You can see  the first person setting also here so anyone in the plane can change the plane some one is changing airplane to geometric finish you can see. It is like No Improvement in graphics, but features are added graphics are present according to the phones It is not present on all the phones. It is for some phones only. I didnt had HD mode it didn’t launched for my mobile. 

Here you can see you can mute any of your teammate It is also the main feature added after the update. Here u can see  the gameplay is bit like the older version but the new feature added is FPP more ost of the people from the PUBG mobile are waiting for this feature. You can play now it is available on Google Play Store or update older versions. You can see I am landing Anyone can play with me let me collect some guns shotguns are useful when someone is near you or infront of you. They are not useful for shooting the people who are far from us. Shotgun will fire two to three bullets and the bullets will spread they’ll not go straight. So shotgun is not useful when someone is not near. You can use scarl 556 guns and 762 guns for long range and scopes for better view.

Let me kill anyone i can’t find any one is not there I can’t find anyone yeah, here is one let me kill Subscribe the channel and like the video