Is it Worth to Play PUBG?

So today we are all about player unknown’s battlegrounds. I will Review PUBG Mobile and PC game. This game has gone very popular since its release dated 21 December 2017 it is developed by PUBG corp who was an indie game developer until they made a lot of money through PUBG. It has been put out on many platforms consoles, PC and pubg mobile as well so what is this game about. Its a battle royal game this battle royal genre was made popular i think by PUBG its where we first saw it go mainstream i think and this whole battle royal concept was inspired by the movie hunger games. I think so everyone is crazy about this and its really fast to play, time saving and most of all the game play is really good and it provides a great fun experience while playing with friends especially the design of the map is just great which induces like interesting combat scenarios.

I will say soo the game doesn’t have any specific plot as such so its just a guy who jumps off a plane and tries to survive your opponents in the game there are about 100 people that jump off the plane and there is one guy who wins soo that’s pretty much what happens in the game lets dissect game mechanics which is actually very weird because it is different on different platforms. Like you have auto pick up of items on mobile and you can follow other people’s parachute as well. So they have that thing as well on mobiles but for PC players its pretty raw, you pick up a gun and you put in your attachments you reload the weapon everything is manual. They have this bullet drop concept i think for both platforms for long ranged weapons and there is this funny mechanic in this game

Its like you hear your own footsteps all the time its pretty annoying actually but it confuses you sometimes so yea game mechanics is pretty weird as far as graphics optimization. I would say graphic optimization is very questionable in this game the low end rigs especially the very mid to low end rigs. They suffer a lot during combat sometimes the graphics looks really good on the mobile platform and in the PC its looks decent. That’s really weird actually but in the recent times games are really pushing the graphic threshold and PUBG is not part of that race. I don’t think so yea.

Lets discuss something about the games bugs in pubg you know the bugs in the game so i would like to point out that this game is really badly optimized and really buggy at times, your parachute can get stuck up at certain places and the max fps you can attain on PC is 144 FPS on a 144 hz monitor. I think but due to horrible optimization players notice FPS drops at all levels high to low end all rigs suffer from FPS drops especially during highly crowded areas with lots of textures and lots of gun play and all that stuff and the immersion factor. I would say kicks in when you play it with your friends although two or three match in and you get a bit bored eventually but it can hook you up for like few hours. But you cant spend like an entire day doing this so immersion factor. I would still say is really good basically i am just upset about the optimization. I mean its really a bloatware on the server and the client i feel they need to fix that. Now fortunately there is some good news its not a pay to win game you just buy in cosmetic and you get crates now you can sell these crates and make a lot of money.

The trading ecosystem is really good so if you buy this game you can recover all the money by playing this game and selling off the crates so you can buy another game that costs the same amount of money (or even more depends on your farm). That’s really really cool it save everything actually and its one of the reasons why there is a big player base because people keep farming up crates and selling it so they are actually making profits and that’s what they keep doing just farm farm and sell.

The other disadvantages is the game track(sound track) is very weird the sound track it feels like a cheap rip off of call of duty or something i don’t know. It doesn’t set right with me the competitive landscape of PUBG is expanding as there is ranked system that is kicked in also professional tournaments keep happening from time to time. So its really great that they are doing that So as a final verdict i would like to say that its worth buying because you can recover your money you spend, you spent on buying it and really acquire good content for your money so overall the game is PLAY.